WordPress Training Malaysia

We have had several WordPress training sessions in Malaysia.  The first batch were initially internet marketers focused on how to build their websites efficiently and with minimum fuss.  The later batches were from the business and marketing community, interested in knowing what is digital marketing and how to build an effective website to that gets traffic.

WordPress Training Malaysia 2So the WordPress training program  in Malaysia evolved from an internet marketing focus to a more digital marketing focus.  Specifically the focus on the importance of digital marketing in the context of the 4Ps of marketing;  Promotion and Place.

The internet marketers were interested in knowing how to design the site, arrange content in the site, get the plugins that easily did SEO, indexing and sitemaps.  Plus they wanted to know how to use google and bing webmaster tools effectively to get their sites indexed.

The questions of WordPress multisites and multi-language implications arose.   Which SEO plugin to use, SEO by Yoast or All in One SEO plugin or Scribe SEO?  How to use images and what kind of text for images to use.  Which WordPress themes would be suitable for SEO or for Adsense or general advertising purposes?  Were there special plugins for Adsense to be used?  How to integrate an autoresponder into the WordPress installation?  How to properly do navigation menus on WordPress?  And a long list of optimisable WordPress options were queried on.

For the digital marketing groups, the interest was more on domain name management, hosting types, how to monetize, ease of use and WordPress management.

The questions were reflective of a transformational mind, moving from a bricks and ink world where the physical product, print and TV broadcast media dominated, to a mindset keen on learning the latest in marketing technology for this new digital medium in the form of the Internet.

WordPress Training Digital Marketing June 2013The WordPress training for these Malaysians were an eye opener in what simplicity was required in acquiring domains and managing hosting accounts.  The Web Host Manager (WHM) and cPanel were understood in the simplicity and ease of use, especially of its easy GUI interface.

How to change themes, how to use plugins, what kind of plugins were available and what could be done with WordPress were the common questions asked during the sessions.  How to install was a breeze, with the training manual on hand as reference for a step by step guide for installing WordPress, its themes and plugins.

What were the intricacies of an e-commerce WordPress setup were shown to be laughably simple with behind the scenes look at an e-commerce website.  The walk through each section of the e-commerce components, from the product page, pricing, delivery, tax, order entry, payment processor and shopping carts.  This gave much optimism to the participants, confident in knowing what needs to done for a WordPress e-commerce website.

Similarly, the questions on setting up social media buttons and autoresponders for email follow ups were resolved with the step  by step guide in the training manual and walk through behind the scenes of an actual install on a website and the processing technology partner.

All in all, the WordPress training Malaysia has been successful in transforming these traditional advertisers, marketers and webmasters to a whole new world of ease of website creation, just like creating presentations with PowerPoint.