Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing ResultsInternet marketing is today a much hyped environment with jargons and buzzwords such as SEO, SCM, IM, traffic, analytics, PPC and SEM.

To management these buzzwords or jargons are to internet marketing what lean, kaizen, kanban, JIT, line balancing, six sigma, supply chain, MRP or quickturns are to operations.  And these jargon should remain in their respective departments.  As far as management is concerned, it should be about what it gets done for the top and bottom lines and its impact on opex.

To keep it simple, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing (SCM), internet marketing (IM), traffic, analytics, pay per click (PPC) and search engine marketing (SEM) should be about getting your target market to notice you and stay engaged with you for a commercial transaction.  Money exchanging hands, mostly into your hands.

In the past, people called on people they knew to ask questions and to clarify their thoughts.  Whether it was for a research project or proposal, or for a product they were planning to buy, people just asked around and read up on it.  Today, people ask the internet.  They ask Google, YouTube, Yahoo or Bing, or see the latest from their friends messages from Facebook or Twitter.  So if Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines are not aware of the relevance your website to the questions being asked, you will not be called on by the search engines to answer the questions.  You will be invisible to your target market that is searching online for your product or services.

Similarly, when groups of like minded people are talking or on Facebook (800 million users so far), would they mention you when the conversation comes around to products or services that are in your industry?

In other words, what is the share of mind, on your subject matter, on the internet?