Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing services and advisory at TR Logga (PC0004240-M) is the outcome of my intense curiosity on internet marketing. And how the internet has become a major place for commercial activities.  Digital marketing services encompasses all aspects of online or internet marketing which covers search, social media and online advertising.

Internet penetration rates are exploding in Malaysia today, especially in the mobile space and in the provision of free WiFi services at various meeting places.   It is vitally important that Malaysian businesses get an online presence that is in their customer’s face when their services are called on.


Armed with the Advanced Search Engine Optimization certification from Asia Search Engine Academy, TR Logga provides advisory and digital marketing services to companies and organisations that want to have an digital presence that is responsive to their market.  These advisory and marketing services will help boost their digital presence to be in front of their prospects.   These prospects would be those who are looking for these companies’ services and solutions.  But may not be aware that these companies provide such solutions.

You can find my detailed background at my profile.

Do send us a note if you have any questions.  Just click on the link on ‘Enquiries / Contact us’ in the left sidebar on this website.  Remember, a call to action (CTA) on a website responsive to a customer’s query is far likely to generate revenue than a static online brochure.

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