Digital Engagement and the Organization

Digital EngagementDigital engagement and digital marketing are the extensions of offline traditional business processes and marketing into the wild wild world of the internet. The internet today commands attention from almost all sections of society as it becomes the primary medium of communication.

A McKinseyQuarterly article this month, ‘Are you making the most of your company’s ‘software layer’?’, explains this as a separation of the traditional products and services and the digital interactions of a company.

McKinsey says, basically, in today’s world, there are a lots of digital interactions with a company, from its website, social media sites, online advertisements to a variety of programs and applications.

Shopping OnlineFor example, we can see this very clearly in the financial services sector. We pay our bills online, open fixed deposits and create telegraphic transfers, through internet banking applications.

We trade the stock market internationally, through online stock brokering platforms, bypassing the high broker charges of a phone call to the stock brokerage. We can buy our books, groceries and whatnot through the online stores.

We are influenced by what our social connections say on facebook and react to twitter feeds. Consumers today are taking action, responding to the push and pull activities done in the digital world of Google, Groupon, Facebook, Twitter and mobile apps.

Organizational DirectionThe key to successful digital engagement with customers will involve breaking down the organizational silos. A core technology group that understands the business, user needs, the products and the technology will be needed to create an efficient digital experience for the customer.

Parts of this group will be taken from the IT, Marketing, PR and Business Processes departments. And the group’s managers and leaders need to have a clear understanding of their mission and its requirements to ensure success happens.

Is your company prepared for the expansion into digital engagement and digital marketing? Test: Anyone know how to use the QR code?