Redesigning a Website and Moving Hosts

Redesigning a website and moving hosts is a question I frequently get asked after a WordPress Training.  Once the students learn how easy it is to create a WordPress website and how important it is to ensure that the website is optimized, they get going on a website redesign project.

And the thing is, its a major undertaking.  A fly by the pants approach will not get you what you want, which is a relevant and optimised website.  It requires a proper project management approach as follows (which assumes you are keeping your current domain name):Redesigning a website and moving hosts

  1. Identify the current Domain Register and check where the DNS names are located on your account.
  2. Get new hosting.  Get the DNS details from new hosting.  Standby with these details until you are ready to move the website to the new hosting.
  3. Work on the website design.  Once ready, load the newly designed website onto the new hosting.
  4. You will need the IP address of the new hosting to login to the cPanel to load and create your new website.
  5. Update the DNS details at the domain register to point to the new hosting.  Wait 24 to 48 hours for the new website hosting details to be populated throughout the world.  And you are then done!

Steps 1, 2, 4 & 5 best to get your Network IT folks to do.  They may ask you for maximum bandwidth or file size required or the type of account or hosting plan you will require.

Or if you are confident in talking to the hosting and domain register tech support for the IP address and DNS settings placement, then you can do it your self.  Its a learning curve, so its best to roll up your sleeves and learn this process.  Tech support is always there to help you through any confusion.

 Step 4 is the critical part.  This is the Digital Marketing Process proper.  Do go over to that link and read up the details of the process.

Essentially, the goal of the website needs to be clearly defined, keyword research done and proper URL permalinks mapped out.   Then only the content can be created and the new website can be fleshed out.